Named ‘Holy Shore’ by a Viking King


Hollowshore is situated along The Saxon Shore Way, inspiring landscape and natural beauty of the coastal area of Kent. The Saxon Shore Way passes through two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, numerous Sites of Special Scientific Interest and several Nature Reserve. A rare wooden log boat dating to the Bronze Age was recently discovered lying in mud near a Kent boatyard however after further inspection, the vessel was found to date back further to 2,000 BC – the Bronze Age. Apart from moorings there is a boatyard and a pub called the Shipwright’s Arms, the pub is well over 300 years old, although it is said that traces of an earlier building date back to the thirteenth century.

Its beginings may be shrouded by the mists of time, but we know that the pub was first licensed in 1738, although it would have functioned as an Inn well before that. Apart from serving pirates and smugglers, the Inn was a well known place for sailors and fishermen in the Thames estuary to stop and refresh themselves while waiting to go up the Creek to Faversham to unload. In those days it would also have been quite normal for an Inn serving mariners to provide certain ‘feminine comforts’ as well!! At one time the pub was a revenue cutter station, which would not have gone down well with those ‘gentlemen of the night’ who preferred their illicit activities to go unnoticed.

Photographs of the area


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