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United States Navy

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At the end of WWII with the allies occupying the west germany section this created the cold war scenario with the russian sector.

With a 318 mile stretch of the river rhine being the main route for shipping ,and having soviet presence on the east bank,cargo shipping had to be inspected for destination security.

The allies decided the Rhine should carry out these procedures by having three stations on the rhine made up of french,british and american military. With Germany steelworks now under allied control they commissioned the steelworks to build patrol boats for Rhine operations. Seventeen were built for the occupying US army of which P22 was one of the fleet.

Under the USlag for nine year’s with the cold war defrosting the fleet was handed over to german military to continue R hine patrol. At the end of the cold war the fleet were decommissioned and sold off in the late sixties and early seventies.

P22 was bought by a company and transported to scotland but with very little further investment fell into disrepair and partially sunk until purchased by a businessman who had P22 transported to the south of England for the intention of P22 becoming a live aboard.

Spending £180,000 plus over the next eight year’s including fabrication of a complete new hull however due to personal and other matters he was unable to keep P22 and so had her put up for sale. It came to the attention of the current owner who after investigating found that P22 was the only boat left of the fleet afloat.

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