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Seascape photography

A beautiful collection of seascape prints by David Townsend Landscape photographer

Seascape photography
The sea is a place of great drama and moods. A photographer can’t control what will happen when shooting a seascape but can be observant and wait for the right moments. Everything can be taken in consideration; people in the shots, rocks, the beach, the sky.

If you are serious about seascape photography, you need patience. Always be on the lookout for changes in the weather, colours and moods. Central to seascape photography is natural light and how it affects the scene. Light has three basic qualities-intensity, direction and colour, and all of them are affected by the time of the day.

For my I feel like it do when sailing miles offshore, you are seeing the world for the first time through your eyes. Your perspective, your imagination can run free.

Photography is a love affair with life

To consult the rules of composition before making a picture is like consulting the law of gravity before going for a walk.
Edward Weston 1886 – 1958

David Townsend Photography