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Sandwich salutes the 40's

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Sandwich Salutes the 40’s
Air raid sirens and the sound of gunfire will echo through Sandwich this weekend as the town hosts a new three-day event.

Sandwich Salutes the 40′ was held from Saturday, April 29 to Monday, May 1.

The event is organised by the Sandwich Rotary Club and the P22 Trust with support from Sandwich Community Events Association (SCEA).

Part of the entertainment will see a P22 Gunship manned by a crew of six and armoured with three 50 calibre browning machine guns moored on the River Stour.

It will be the centrepiece in a re-enactment featuring more than 200 people including the Desert Rats, RAF, Red Cross Nurses, Military Police, Home Guard, Land Army Girls and number 4 Commando Group.

Steve Laslett from SCEA said: “The re-enactors will bring to life scenes including rescuing downed airmen from the sea and stretchering the wounded to field hospitals.

“Air raid sirens and the sound of gunfire will add to the feel of authentic Second World War atmosphere.”

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