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Reclamet - Birchington

Responsible Scrap Metal Recycling

Reclamet holds both Waste Management and Waste Carriers Licences and is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) for the treatment and recycling of end of life vehicles with direct links to the DVLA, which means we are fully authorised by the Environment Agency to recycle vehicles in line with current legislation and we are a responsible scrap metal recycling business.

Reclamet has an autospares department offering a range of comprehensive car parts across a wide range of vehicles. We break new and old models and each vehicle part sold goes towards achieving recycling target for end of life vehicles. We have a full ELV treatment facility housing 3 depollution rigs in a purpose built 400sq metre building known as a ‘depollution unit’ so we are able to process 60+ cars a day.

The text above was taken from the Reclamet website(URL)

Reclamet - The Recycling Centre

Photographs Reclamet yard at Birchington

Various views from around the yard.

360° view

A 360 ° view of the site, note the information shown with this panoramic is for display purposes only.


A short hyperlapse made from 126 separate photographs

Reclamet video

Various views from around the yard.

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