Elementor #2021

Harbour lights

In 1820 King George IV set off from Ramsgate with the Royal Squadron en route to Hanover. He was so impressed by the hospitality he received at the Kent port that he decreed it be declared a ‘Royal Harbour’ – a status that’s unique in mainland Britain.

Ramsgate largely developed in the form we know today from 1749 onwards. It was intended as a Harbour of Refuge, following a violent storm in 1748. Later, during the Napoleonic wars, British troops were quartered at Ramsgate before embarking for the continent.

Climb up Madeira Walk to Ramsgate’s East Cliff to see Wellington Crescent, a reminder of this period.

The first Christmas after returning to my home port from my Circumnavigation myself and a few other ‘boats’ dressed ‘ship’ with fairy lights. A tradition I have always done with SV Pinta during out voyages.

These days it is an organised event at the Royal Harbour.

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Harbour lights
Harbour lights

A few photographs of the ‘Harbour lights’.

A 360° view of the ‘Harbour lights’.