Dawn across the marshes

On a beautiful winter morning as the dawn light turns the sky from an immense darkness to a glorious, wonderful sight.

From dark blur,dark orange through to a burst of light as the sun rises above he marshland.

Step back in time on the trail of Faversham’s Two Creeks and discover the rich maritime and farming legacy that made this area the Larder of London.

 From grain fields to fertile windswept marshes and the vestiges of industrious quaysides, you’ll be captivated by the area’s stunning and historic shoreline, where tales of its commercial past and smuggling still abound. 

Once bustling with sailing barges bound for London, the creeks at Faversham and Oare and the surrounding farmland remain a memorial to a golden maritime age. 

Now an oasis for pleasure boats, walkers, wildlife and livestock, at every turn you’ll be reminded of the part played by the area’s productive countryside in feeding the nation and the mark it made on a community that prospered on the doorstep of London.

Low tide

Dawn across the marshland

There are few sights that can come close to on a beautiful winters day seeing the dawn fill the sky.

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© 2020 All images and video are copyright of David Townsend