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Mastering Seascape Photography

Mastering Seascape Photography
It’s one thing to learn how your camera works and study the theory behind seascape photography; it’s quite another to put your knowledge into practice out in the field. Take this class, and you will learn everything you need to know about taking amazing photos of the great outdoors – and turn them into beautiful display-worthy masterpieces.

From complicated cameras to challenging environments, several obstacles stand in the way of you taking a photograph that reflects the landscape as you see it. This class will help you take seascape photographs that reflect your unique perspective.

Spend the morning / evening outdoors learning the art of seascape photography, David will help you master exposure and focus so you get a better shot in camera discover what it takes to capture marvellous images. Focussing on the essential elements such as aperture, shutter speed, composition and lighting, David will also show you how to use wide angle lenses and filters. You will learn how to utilise the varying light and weather conditions of nature and find out how to shoot into the light and against it to achieve flare-free pictures.

David Townsend is a Kent based photographer with many years experience. In this class, he will walk you through everything that he does to plan his outdoor shoots, select his gear, capture great shots, and post-process his images to evoke the beauty and grandeur of the outdoors.


Starting at £40.00 as part of a group (four) or £150 for one-to-one. Why not purchase a gift card (below) for a friend or loved one?


This experience is available on selected dates throughout the year although we recommend you book at least four to six weeks in advance to ensure that dates are available. All bookings are subject to availability.


Photography is a love affair with life

There is only you and your camera. The limitations is your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.
Ernst Haas 1921 – 1986

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