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Carbon footprint

Broadband companies Today I renewed my Broadband contract with the same surpilier yet for ‘company policy’ they had to send me a brand new router m, not an upgrade to my current router. An identical router. So what’s the carbon footprint of Vodafone? When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become […]
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Across the Bay

A few words about my equipment, my disability and photography
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New qualification

I am pleased to announce , after the soul searching, effort and passion during 2017-2018 that went into create a collection of photographs, I have just learnt that I now have the honour to add the following post-normal letters. ‘ANPS’ ‘Associate National Photographic Society’ Apparently my submission for the ANPS was the highest mark awarded of […]
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on your doorstep

‘Retro items don’t have to be old, they can be brand new, but would have to be made in the style of the time or item they are trying to replicate. So, perhaps the best way to think about the difference between retro and vintage is that vintage refers to the actual construction, whilst retro […]
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