Goodwin Academy – PRIVATE PAGE

During the school summer holiday I undertook a quick (commercial) photo-shot at the Goodwin Academy located in Deal, Kent. England.

The ‘brief’ was actually a short one, to take a few photographs of the school. Actually the ‘new’ build area.

Below is a 360 ยบ view, why not try looking at it full screen. Click on the icon to enter full screen mode then on the icon to return to this page.

Using your mouse to move within the 306 degree image you can.

  1. Click and hold the mouse button down to scroll around the image.
  2. Double click over the area of interest to instantly zoom in, do the same again to return to your previous viewing area.
  3. If your mouse has a wheel simply rotate forward to zoom in and rotate backwards to zoom out.

A quick ‘fly by’