About Me

I always do my best to capture precious moments


Photography has been a passion of mine since the days of film developing in my darkroom then came my solo circumnavigation where digital was the way to go.

My main genre is landscape and seascape photography I find this the most challenging due to natures way always chasing the light, doing it natural so to speak.

I feel like I am sailing miles away from land when I am out and about with my camera absorbed in nature looking for that unique perspective one can easily drift away from ones surroundings.


Landscape Photography
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Portrait Photography
Adobe Lightroom

A keen amateur photographer for over thirty years, from the analogue darkroom through to the digital age.

Sadly though these days, someone buys a DSLR for Christmas, next week there on Social media promoting themselves for covering a wedding for £40. I feel so sorry for the couple having their special day and it’s memories ruined.

Member of

The National Photographic Society
The Disabled Photographers Society