About Me

I always do my best to capture precious moments


Photography has been a passion of mine since the days of film developing in my darkroom then came my solo circumnavigation where digital was the way to go.

My main genre is landscape and seascape photography I find this the most challenging due to nature’s way always chasing the light, doing it natural so to speak.

I feel like I am sailing miles away from land when I am out and about with my camera absorbed in nature looking for that unique perspective one can easily drift away from one’s surroundings.


Landscape Photography
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Portrait Photography
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A keen amateur photographer for over thirty years, from the analogue darkroom through to the digital age.

I am very proud to say that in 2018 I received the ‘ANPS’ from The National Photographic Society and achieved the highest score in the United Kingdom over the last two years (2017 & 2018) in doing so.


Licentiate (LNPS)

The Licentiate is our first qualification for photographers that are wanting to show their professionalism and a level of skill.

Associate (ANPS)

The Associate is our middle qualification for photographers that are wanting to show their professionalism and a higher level of skill.

Member of

The National Photographic Society
The Disabled Photographers Society

More recently I took up aerial photography as my disability became worse I found I was not able to walk as far as I would like ‘to get that shot’ so now my drone does the walking for me. Checkout my page about it here.

With the new aspect of photography I joined the FPV UK, the UK association for radio control model and drone flying.


Through the long winter months in early 2019 struggling with back pain I needed to focus, to take my mind of this pain so I decided to sit the CAA UAV Pilots course and although at that time I had only been flying a ‘Drone’ for six months with the uncertainty of ‘Brexit’ and the proposed new ‘Drone’ legislation by the UK government, and after the ‘Drone’ incident ‘Gatwick’ (a UK Airport – News URL) I thought it prudent to obtain my licence now.

There are many ‘Conspiracy’ theories around this incident and how the UK government will use that to toughen the ‘Drone’ rules.

Remember, remember the 5th November. The CAA Drone registration day has come and gone and after completing online forms the deed is done.

Although being a CAA  certified UAV pilot I still mainly use the ‘drone’ as a hobbyist although I have captured a few scenes under my PfCO these are just to add to my portfolio and not for profit.

PfCO drone
Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge


Why not check out some of my prints which are available to purchase.


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